Late 19th century
The foresight of two Milanese families, Locatelli and Canevari, towards the end of the 19th century gave life to a production site of remarkable dimensions for the time, going through the times and launching headlong into the world of dynamism, modernity and contemporary technology.

Early ‘900
During the first years of the 20th century , Emilio Micheletto received the “rod” of the company by marrying his daughter Locatelli, thus following up the goldsmith’s company under the new name: Micheletto.

20’s - 30’s
The first work successes and awards are not long in coming: some jewlery pieces made with extraordinary refinement and skill are welcomed in the most important museums of the time.
In 1920 Emilio Micheletto obtained the 10 MI trademark, in which the company was identified as the tenth Italian goldsmith company registered with the metric office in Milan.
The company began to collaborate with the largest and most important brands of the time, including Van Cleef.

40's - 50's
Despite the war, the years of the great trade fairs began: the Micheletto brand now faces the international market. In the same period, Emilio’s sons revolutionized the product and processing techniques, bringing up the name and values of the company and integrating brand new collections with a refined and unique style.

60's - 70's
The great Micheletto successes continue with the unstoppable growth, receiving recognition from the world of the press, landing in the United States. During these years we must recall as well the great invention of the extrusion barrel.

80’s - 90’s
The name of Micheletto joins a more and more well-established presence on the international market. A great enthusiasm also pervades the employees and all the collaborators who will be rewarded for having contributed, with dedication and sacrifice to the achievement of success. The greatest of Hollywood Divas and Princesses from all over the world do not hide their passions, appreciating the Micheletto jewelry style: the stolen shots of the time show and confirm how the precious pieces, made with care and passion have never gone unnoticed in the eyes of the female sight!

90’s - 2000’s
Micheletto continues the climb to success even behind the scenes, becoming official supplier of great brands. Roberta, the daughter of Olivo Micheletto, is now at the helm of the company.
The passing of the baton matches with a decisive innovative imprint, both in the definition of the company and management strategy, with the proposal of new collections, paying attention to the the ancient wisdom of craftsmanship and creative freshness, by balancing between tradition and innovation.

2010's - 2020's
Micheletto participates in the Oscars of the Jewel and for two consecutive years wins the second prize. Today we celebrate the first 100 years of the 10MI brand!
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